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Ron Herings

Ron Herings (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Ron Herings is a national and international renowned expert in outcomes evaluation resesearch. He is trained as a pharmacist, holds a PhD in pharmacoepidemiology and is a fellow of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology.. He is the founding father and director of the PHARMO Institute for Drug Outcomes Research (1999) as well as The Foundation for Patient Care and Research (2012). He is specialized in the design of complex record linkage data infrastructures to be used professionally for conducting pharmaco-epidemioligical studies. He participated with his team of researchers in several EU FP6 en FP 6 framework programs (a.o. EU-ADR, ARTIMO, SOS, SAFEGUARD, EMIF). The PHARMO Institute has a longstanding experience of collaboration in, and conducting of PAN EU studies addressing the effectiveness and safety of medicines in the EU. His major research interest is focused on the evaluation of clinical and economical outcomes of pharmacotherapy in daily care settings and patient level predictions models to bring pharmacoepidemilogical knowledge into daily clinical practice. He is specialized in using large Electronic Health Care databases (BIG Data) to be used in Academic and professional settings. He is dedicated to professionalize and integrate the disciplines of pharmacopidemiology, information technology and outcomes research to bridge between academia, governmental organizations and pharmaceutical industry. He is (co-)author of over 350 papers in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and research reports was board member and served on several commitees of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology.