Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 9th BPE Festival is rescheduled in May 2021

Ninth edition 25, 26, 27 May 2020 in Bordeaux

After the resounding success of the first height editions, the Bordeaux Pharmacoepidemiology team is happy to announce the Ninth Bordeaux Pharmacoepidemiology Festival. Over three days,  world-class experts will come to Bordeaux to talk of the topic of their choice. Good reasons to come to Bordeaux!

Participate in this nine one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime event! Never again until next year will such a group meet! Good Science, good Wine, good Fun!
Photo BPE Festival 2020

Pharmacoepidemiology is a rapidly evolving science, with new methods arising regularly, or new refinements to old methods. There are yearly ISPE meetings, and training programs in pharmacoepidemiology in various universities over the world. However, there is rarely time enough to really go in depth, or to interact with the best in the profession.

We have therefore decided to organize a yearly event, the Bordeaux Pharmacoepi Festival, where some of the world’s most prominent pharmacoepidemiologists will come to expound the topic of their choice, for half a day each. This should give enough time to go to the core of the matters, and allow for ample interaction. These conferences will be accompanied by shorter conferences on various subjects, pertaining or not to pharmacoepidemiology.