9th BPE Festival, May 25th to June 1st 2021 – Hybrid event

All video conferences from 4pm to 6pm (CET)
Tuesday 25 May

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Photo J.Aronson
Jeffrey Aronson   (Oxford, UK)

Clinical trials of therapeutic interventions during the covid-19 pandemic.
Wednesday 26 May

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Photo K.Huybrechts
Krista Huybrechts (Boston, US)

Using Big Data to Inform Big Decisions regarding Medication Use in Pregnancy.
Thursday 27 May

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Photo R.Gini
Rosa Gini  (Florence, Italy)

Study variables in multi-database pharmacoepidemiology studies.
Friday 28 May

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Photo Pr Nicholas Moore
Nicholas Moore   (Bordeaux, France)

Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacovigilance : The Next Chapter.
Monday 31 May

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Photo E.Bacry
Emmanuel Bacry  (Paris, France)

The French Health Data Hub.
Tuesday 1 June

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Photo C.Tzourio Photo Y.Ma
Christophe Tzourio  (Bordeaux, France)
Yuan Ma  (Boston, US)

Brain under pressure: new markers of and targets for hypertension-related brain diseases.

Presentation titles subject to change at the whim of the speakers. Date and time may be changed within the festival. Stay tuned for the latest information.