The BPE platform has a permanent team of around 30 people. This logistical and operational support team is made up of all the needed professions to carry out pharmacoepidemiological studies: physicians, pharmacists, epidemiologists, project leaders, team leaders, data managers, statisticians, database programmers, clinical research assistants, administrative agents as well as a secretarial / accounting unit. This team is located on the same operational platform (nearly 1,000 m2), which facilitates the management of studies through the use of efficient operational tools, and thus optimizes data and results quality to be submitted to health authorities and sponsors in the required timeframe.

The size of the team is adapted to the projects conducted by BPE by integrating and training new staff as needed. Training and teaching are an integral part of the activity of the BPE team, which regularly participates in teaching at Bordeaux University (Master 2 de PEP-PV, DIU ToMARS, DIU FARC-TEC, DU PEP).


Nicholas Moore


Cécile Droz-Perroteau

Scientific Officer

Nicolas Thurin
Pauline Bosco-Lévy

Regulatory aspects

Caroline Dureau-Pournin

Quality Assurance Manager

Séverine Lignot-Maleyran

Project Leader

Caroline Dureau-Pournin
Angela Grelaud-Boussinot
Séverine Lignot-Maleyran
Magali Rouyer-Colombier

Assistant Project Leader

Adeline Grolleau
Estelle Guiard
Stéphanie Lamarque

Team Leader

Aurélie Balestra
Emmanuelle Bignon


Nathalie Vidal

Clinical Research Assistant

Ahlem Remaoun (trainee CRA)
Anne Sourisseau (trainee CRA)


Hélène Soussal

IT Manager / Database Manager

Patrick Bouex
Ludovic Liège

Database Programmer

Romain Sylvestre

Data manager

Romain Sylvestre

Senior Statistician

Abdelilah Abouelfath
Marie-Agnès Bernard
Jérémy Jové

Statistician - SAS® Programmer

Clélia Favary
Dunia Sakr

Medical Writer

+ recruitement if needed


Mahera Duporge


+ recruitement if needed