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Présentation orale par Pauline Bosco-Lévy :

Risk of malignancies in newly treated patients with disease-modifying drugs for multiple sclerosis: Assessment according to cohort and nested-case control approaches (OP-1D)

Collaboration avec VAC4EU, présentation orale sur une recherche en lien avec la COVID :

Background Incidence Rates of Adverse Events of Special Interest for COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring (OP-26E)

Posters :

Oncologie :

Impact of treatment sequence on survival outcome in patients with a second treatment line for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: a new-user design in the French nationwide claims database (poster)

Collaboration avec le consortium SIGMA :

SIGMA Consortium: A New Era of Collaboration to Study the Safety and Effectiveness of Medical Interventions (poster)

Collaboration sur le projet ConcePTION :

A cookbook for estimating treatment duration from databases of routinely collected electronic health data participating in multi-source studies (SP07F)

Collaboration sur une étude multi bases multi pays :

Novel Use of Harmonized Data Quality Indicators in Long-term Safety Studies Using Multiple Sclerosis Registries: Approach in CLARION Study (SP07B)

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