L’équipe de la BPE est heureuse de rencontrer ses partenaires et collègues à Copenhague lors de l’ICPE 2022

Présentation orale par Pauline Bosco-Lévy (28/08/2022) :


Effectiveness of osteoporosis medications on the risk of fracture: a French population-based cohort study (Session Fractures and Osteoporosis Medication – Congress Hall D2)


Projet CAREME :

Type 2 diabetic patients with a single cardiovascular or renal comorbidity: 5-year risk of a new cardiovascular renal complication using the French Nationwide Claims Database (Poster Session A – Hall C – number 22)


Applying sequence clustering methods to characterize health care pathways of patients at different prostate cancer stages in the French nationwide healthcare database (SNDS) (Poster Session B – Hall C – number 21)

Collaboration avec le CHU de Bordeaux – Projet IRAZU:

Impact of cardiovascular comorbidities on bevacizumab effectiveness and safety in older patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (Poster Session B – Hall C – number 140)

Collaboration avec l’Université d’Oxford :

The Impact of COVID-19 on Population-Level Drug Utilisation of Alendronate in Five European Databases (Spotlight Poster Session Databases – Hall E South – Poster C)

Collaboration sur le projet ACCESS :

Heterogeneity across European electronic healthcare data sources: identification of adverse events of special interest (AESI) and impact in multi-databases assessment – An ACCESS study (Spotlight Poster Session Vaccines – Hall E South – Poster AO)

Collaboration sur le projet MINERVA :

Study scripts supporting multiple common data models (Poster Session C – Hall C – number 137)

MINERVA: Metadata for data dIscoverability aNd study rEplicability in obseRVAtional studies (Poster Session C – Hall C – number 166)

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