Assessment of drugs and health technologies in real-world settings
with the highest methodological standards


The Bordeaux PharmacoEpi (BPE) platform carries out pharmacoepidemiological studies of a high scientific standard evaluating the impact of drugs in real-world conditions.

The findings of these studies can be used to:
-    support the implementation of recommendations to optimize the benefit-risk profile of drug use in real-world settings and to improve public health
-    answer questions from regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies regarding the assessment of drugs and therapeutic strategies (risks, use and performances) after their marketing authorization


    Management of Real-World Evidence Projects from A to Z
Study design & methodological research
suitable data sources and tools
Data collection
including legal & regulatory aspects
Preexisting / Primary / Enriched data
Real-World Evidence Consultancy
Training & Education

About Us

Our BPE platform was created in 2002.
The platform is managed under the supervision of the University of Bordeaux and its subsidiary, ADERA.
The BPE affiliated with the Bordeaux Teaching Hospital, is part of the INSERM Clinical Investigation Center CIC1401 since 2008. The platform received in 2019 the label "Research platform of the University of Bordeaux”, joined the Federation of technological platforms of Bordeaux University.

The BPE relies on a permanent structured core team who can be reinforced by external expertise if required by the specific needs of a study. This team has a high level of training, many years of experience and proven know-how.

The BPE is also referenced on the collaborative platform, the Hub, managed by the University of Bordeaux.

The BPE is registered as an ENCePP centre since the creation of the network and is involved in the definition of the Methodological standard in Pharmacoepidemiology.

The BPE organizes the yearly Bordeaux PharmacoEpi Festival, time to exchange on Real-World Evidence with international experts.


✓ Promote creativity and scientific excellence in pharmacoepidemiology studies
✓ Guarantee intellectual, institutional and individual independence (ENCePP code of conduct)
✓ Ensure partner satisfaction through passion, dynamism and innovation
✓ Lead a collaborative, committed and daring project management
✓ Ensure the teamwork values: caring, benevolence and respect

Transparency and quality are a priority for the BPE:
The platform has a quality management system (QMS) with the goal of satisfying all stakeholders and optimizing organization. This QMS is based on the principle of continuous improvement and the BPE management is committed to meeting standard requirements of the ISO 9001: version 2015, for which the platform has been certified since December 2018.


La plateforme BPE est certifiée ISO 9001:2015 pour ses activités de recherche en Pharmaco-épidémiologie


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